new year, new view

Here you are, reading the first post of the blog I’ve been trying to start since 5-ever; here I am, taking care of business so I can stop self-grounding myself and watch Netflix again; and, here we are in the middle of the first week of 2016! The last time I bothered to make any New Year’s Resolutions was also the last time I was excited to drink sparkling grape juice at midnight, but– for whatever reason– I’ve decided to make and share with you guys a list of my *mostly professional* goals for the year:

  1. Write or arrange at least one new song every month.
    I certainly have things to say, but I have to make time to say it. The reality is sometimes the muses go on vacation (or… at least, mine do) and “I’ll write when it comes to me” becomes an illusion after all. That being said, keep an eye out for the new song post each month.
  2. Book my own gigs with my own band.
    I’m a member of a few different bands/ projects that I love being apart of, but it feels like the time for me to take a step forward.
  3. Earn an internship working at a record label.
    It’s a small world, right? I’m making plans to move to Philadelphia next year and if I can get more involved and connected in the business side of things, I’m sure one thing will lead to another and I’ll…
  4. Get published.
    This year I’m dedicating time to start improving my writing skills and develop a portfolio of material to send magazines and music blogs. I know everything is a process and it will probably take more than a year, but you’ve got to start somewhere.
  5. Have a heart you can see right through.
    As a person, friend, musician, and writer I am constantly striving to express myself and communicate with others in the most genuine and effective way. It is my hope that this blog (in addition to a few other mediums) will help me to that effect.

There you have it. I wish you all the best year yet and I hope you return to check out the view from byrdseye.

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